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Sometimes you don’t have time to devote an entire weekend to a 60+ hour western fantasy game, and that’s good, that’s what PC browser games are for. Not only are these titles incredibly accessible with a decent internet connection, they are also quick to play and faster to complete. They don’t even need expensive hardware to operate. Below are some of the best browser games you can try right now!

As the unofficial light-up version of the classic Snake game, your goal in is pretty much the same: eat little dots and get big. It does add another level of difficulty, however, in the form of other snakes controlled by other players in real time. You will have to avoid them. snakes have customizable skins that you can also play with, allowing you to create a snake that truly looks like your own.


You may have heard of Spelunky for Steam and console, but what is less known is that this game also has a browser version. Spelunky is a roguelike platform game in which you play as an adventurer through tunnels in search of treasure. It’s notoriously difficult, with many players needing around 12 hours to reach Stage Three, but the challenge will make clearing each level even more enjoyable. Related: Best Online Board Games

To design

Drawize plays very similarly to Pictionary. One player receives a prompt to draw, and others guess to score points. The faster they do, the more points they earn. The artist also gets points based on the number of people who guess the word correctly. In private rooms, Drawize also lets you add custom words, just in case you want to add a joke game inside.

A dark room

A Dark Room is a clicker game that requires you to navigate its limits without any instruction. You start with a black screen and have the option to start a fire. Eventually the game will take you to a small community. And once you’ve helped them, you can set out to explore the rest of the island without running out of food and other resources. From there, how you go about your adventure is entirely up to you.


KeyForge is a card game that deals decks instead of cards. No two decks are the same, and you can’t change any of its cards either. This means you never have to worry about meta units or broken combos. The game itself is pretty straightforward: each player has to be the first to forge three keys by collecting Amber while using monsters and special cards to prevent their opponent from doing the same. For more of the best PC titles, look at the best PC arcade games at Guides.

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