Best Basic Locations in Grounded

Image via Obsidian Entertainment Grounded is all about survival. There is danger around every corner and the responsibility of taking care of your character by eating, drinking, and treating him or her for illnesses or ailments. The environment can be unforgiving as well, so knowing where the best places are to build a base is essential to keep yourself or your team safe.

Location one

Screenshot via Guides The first location to build a base is probably one of the best. And rather than a specific location, this location covers a general area. This location is near the giant oak tree at the top center of the map, preferably near the Oak Lab. The image above shows the location of the lab, so anywhere around, in the open, is a good bet. This place, especially at the beginning, is top notch real estate. From there you have access to pretty much everything you need at the start of the game: grass planks, dry grass planks, weed stems (levels 1 and 2), acorns, flower pedals , thistle needles, cobwebs and much more. Following. As for the water sources, there is a soda can, a juice box and the whole pond nearby. Additionally, it’s important to stay near a lab or lab station to analyze new resources as you discover them. Related: Where To Find Fireflies In Grounded? Many insects appear nearby, such as ladybugs, larvae, ants, weevils and midges. Although many beneficial insects live nearby, there are also a few spiders at the base of the oak tree and near the wooden poles. But they are quite easy to avoid. One downside to this location is its distance from most resources and higher level items. You’ll need to travel to other areas, usually across the courtyard, to make some unique new discoveries that are needed for endgame weapons and gear.

Location two

Screenshot via Guides This second location takes a little more work, but your base will remain safe from anything that might destroy it. This place is on one of the biggest water lilies at the top of the pond. It’s the perfect flat surface for any kind of base you want to build. Additionally, you can build small bridges to other nearby water lilies to create a connected system of platforms or multiple structures. Plus, the pond is a unique place to explore, and this base point makes getting to the pond quick and easy. The only downside is that you can get your building materials out of the water lily. Holding boards while swimming will cause you to fall. It is therefore essential to build a bridge to the water lily. But after that you will have a beautiful way back to the mainland.

Location three

Screenshot via Guides This last location is a bit of a walk from the starting point, but it will be worth it. This location is at the bottom right of the map, where there is a large hedge. This large bush offers a ton of great possibilities for building bases. You can build it somewhere under the hedge on the ground or, better yet, build it inside the hedge. This area is a complex structure of winding tree branches and leafy overhangs. There are even ziplines in the hedge that take you from one section to the next. A multi-connected treehouse system could be built above ground, making it a unique but secure base. Nearby there is a water source, lots of building materials, and even a birdbath you can sit on. Related: How To Easily Kill Spiders In Grounded One downside to this place is that it’s a bit of a spider’s nest. On the ground, you may encounter large spiders, while there are baby spiders in the trees. Babies aren’t difficult to handle, and it’s a good place to farm spider resources, which are essential for higher level weapons anyway. No matter where you choose, there can be ups and downs. But the Grounded map is big enough, and just about anywhere will do. For more guides on Grounded, look at Grounded Hot and Hazy Update | New Zones, Creatures, Weapons & Armor in Guides!

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