Best Baal (Shogun Raiden) builds in Genshin Impact: guide how to get

We tell about the five-star character with a spear Shogun Raiden (Baal) Genshin impact, which refers to the Electro element, its builds, artifacts and weapons.

When will Raiden’s banner in Genshin Impact end?

The banner with Baal started on September 1, 2021 and will end on September 21 at 17:59:00 (Moscow time).

Features of Baal

Baal can be used as a secondary damage dealer, or as a main character. She has a great buff that allows you to deal electro damage to characters.

Thanks to the attack, the Source deals up to 5 consecutive hits, when using a charged attack, it hits from the bottom up. At the same time, the consumption of endurance is low. When falling, you can use an attack to deal damage to enemies during landing.

While using the elemental skill “Supremacy: Omen”, she is able to inflict electrical damage to her opponents, and useful to her squad because of the Eye of Lightning Punishment, which inflicts electrical damage in a coordinated attack. To carry out such an attack, the eye must be active. However, the Eye is capable of performing one joint attack in 0.9 seconds. Heroes out of control can only deal 20% damage.

Thanks to the passive effect “Chakra of Lust”, Baal can accumulate levels of Determination, provided that other characters in the group use the explosions of the elements.

Pros of Shogun Raiden:

  • Basic attack at a high level, with which you can inflict huge damage on opponents.
  • When using Elemental Blast, normal attacks deal Electro Damage. Baal has the ability to effect Charged. This adds to her survival rate.
  • Increases energy recovery for allies.
  • Reduces resource consumption.

Best Builds for Shogun Raiden

It is better to choose a weapon for Baal that contributes to the restoration of energy, critical damage, damage, the chance of a critical hit.

  • Shining harvest (5-star; energy recovery) is the best choice for Baal. Increases attack power by 28 percent from over 100 percent energy recovery.
  • Celestial axis (5-star; energy recovery)
  • Catch (4-star; energy recovery)
  • Spear of Favonia (4-star; energy recovery)
  • Prototype: Starlight (4-star; energy recovery)
  • Jade Kite (5-star; critical hit chance)
  • Mortal combat (4-star; critical hit chance)

Is it worth spending money on a Baal banner in Genshin Impact?

Definitely yes. In addition to Baal, you can get Sucrose, Xing Ling and Sarah… They are all four-star characters.

Heroes to Squad with Shogun Raiden

  • Baal (Sarah, Xiang Ling, Bennett)
  • Eola (Baal, Rosary, Zhong Li)
  • Tartaglia (Baal, Kazuha, Bennett)

How to improve Baal skills

Below is a list of the materials needed to upgrade Baal’s skills:

  • Teachings, instructions and philosophies about “Light”. Can be found in the Violet Hall dungeon on Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Old garda, garda kageuchi and illustrious garda… Dropped by enemies like Nobushi. Can also be crafted through alchemy.
  • Molten moment… Defeat the Signor boss.
  • Crown of insight… Can be found in the store or by pumping the permafrost tree.

How to Exalt Baal

Below is a list of the materials needed to elevate Baal’s skills:

  • First elevation… Level 20. You will need 1 Vajrad Amethyst Shard, 3 Cloudweed Fruit, 3 Old Guard
  • Second elevation… Level 40. You will need 3 Vajrad amethyst fragments, 2 storm pearls, 10 cloud grass fruits, 15 old guards
  • Third elevation… Level 50. You will need 6 Vajrad Amethyst Fragments, 4 Storm Pearls, 20 Cloud Grass Fruits, 12 Kageuchi Guard
  • Fourth elevation… Level 60. You will need 3 pieces of Vajrad amethyst, 8 storm pearls, 30 cloud grass fruits, 18 guard kageuchi
  • Fifth elevation… Level 70. You will need 6 pieces of Vajrad amethyst, 12 storm pearls, 45 cloud grass fruits, 12 glorious guards
  • Sixth elevation… Level 80. You will need 6 precious Vajrad amethysts, 20 storm pearls, 60 cloud grass fruits, 24 glorious guards.