Best ASUS graphics cards

Choosing a good graphics card takes a lot of planning and thought. Whatever processor or RAM you end up with, graphics cards (GPUs) will likely be the centerpiece of any new gaming PC. You want to make sure you have the speed you need to avoid bottlenecks. throttle and that you have done the research to pair the correct hardware. For many of us, that means starting with a brand we trust, and ASUS is one of the best-known and most trusted component manufacturers. Pretty much any card in their lineup will provide reliable performance, and many like to match the hardware with their other Republic of Gamer (ROG) or TUF components. So, let’s take a look at the best ASUS GPUs on the market right now! Note: Before purchasing a graphics card, make sure that you have the physical authorization and the required power supply for it to work in your setup. We also used Grand Theft Auto V as our FPS benchmark game and an Intel Core i7-11700KF processor as our benchmark. Your exact results will therefore vary depending on your material. We’ve also made sure to include both AMD and NVIDIA cards, so whatever company you prefer, you’ll be able to pick the right ASUS GPU.

TUF RX 6900 XT OC Edition

Image via ASUS Video memory 16 GB DDR6 Memory speed 16 Gbps Maximum clock speed 2340 MHz Recommended power supply 850W The two main GPU product lines from ASUS are ROG and TUF, the main difference being price and materials . ROG is ASUS ‘first line of games and often features plenty of special illuminated RGB and ROG logos for those who want to coordinate a fully ASUS ROG version. But their TUF line uses high-end materials that are supposed to be a little less flashy but lend themselves to a little more abuse. The ASUS TUF RX 6900 XT is an AMD card beast from ASUS, with the corresponding power demands. At 2340 MHz of max boost clock, it will be capable of serious gaming. It is available in a 2.9 slot size with a length of 13 inches and requires two 8-pin connectors for power. At 4K you should get well over 144 FPS in GTAV at high settings. Related: The 5 Best Low Profile Graphics Cards of 2021

ROG Strix RX 6800 XT

Image via ASUS Video memory 16 GB GDDR6 memory Memory speed 16 Gbit / s Maximum clock speed 2190 MHz Recommended power supply 650W Going down the line of AMD card offerings from ASUS, we have the 6800 XT, which is still a very powerful and efficient card. Although it does slow down the clock speed a bit compared to the 6900 XT, it will still get you 144 FPS in GTAV up to 4k. Like the 6900 XT, it’s a 2.9-inch slot, 13-inch long, and requires two 8-pin connectors.

ROG Strix RX 6700 XT

Image via ASUS Video memory 12 GB GDDR6 memory Memory speed 16 Gbps Maximum clock speed 2622 MHz Recommended power supply 650W The 6700 XT is a newer mid-tier offering from AMD that still delivers solid performance and teams up at a more reasonable price compared to its bigger and more expensive brethren. It also sits in the same general physical area with a 2.9 slot size, 12.68 inch length, and dual 8-pin power supplies. As for performance, it sits well over 240 FPS in GTAV at the top at 1080p and 107 FPS very playable in 4k at the top.

ROG Strix RTX 3090

Image via ASUS Video memory 24 GB GDDR6X memory Memory speed 19.5 Gbps Maximum clock speed 1890 MHz Recommended power supply 850W For those who keep score at home, the 3090 beats the 6900 XT in both terms of memory and speed. The tradeoff is a slightly lower boost clock, so when deciding between the two, it’s worth checking the games you plan to play to determine which is more important for what you want to do. That decision aside, the 3090 is a 12.53-inch-long card with a 2.9-slot size that requires two 8-pin power connectors. At 4k, the 3090 will net you around 137 FPS in GTAV on top, and a whopping 297 at 1080p.

ROG Strix LC RTX 3080 Ti

Image via ASUS Video memory 12 GB GDDR6X memory Memory speed 19 Gbps Maximum clock speed 1860 MHz Recommended power supply 850W ROG Strix LC series LC stands for liquid cooled, and as you might expect, these cards have a separate radiator supplied with the card intended to be installed with your other radiators. The board itself is 11.53 inches long, requires a bit more power with three 8-pin connectors, and sits at a thin 2.6 slot size due to the separate heat sink. In GTAV up to 4k you can expect around 132 FPS. Related: The 5 Best External Graphics Cards of 2021

TUF Gaming RTX 3060 OC Edition

Image via ASUS Video memory 12 GB GDDR6 memory Memory speed 15 Gbit / s Maximum clock speed 1882 MHz Recommended power supply 750W Another card in the TUF range, the TUF Gaming RTX 3060 is a respectable card with reasonable requirements and the possibility of continuing to play a lot for not a lot of money. This board only requires a single 8-pin power connector, is 11.81 inches long, and occupies 2.7 slots. At 1080p in GTAV up, you’ll get around 192 FPS and a very usable 86 FPS at 4k. Choosing a graphics card is difficult, especially when comparing part numbers that may not match your exact hardware. When trying to figure out which card is best for you, it’s best to start with the games you want to play and work your way up from there. For things like eSports titles, it’s seldom worth the money to shell out for high-end cards when those titles run comfortable on much more affordable hardware, but if you’re a tech-savvy gamer and you’re you want the latest open world experience to run smoothly, the upgrade might be worth your time. For more hardware recommendations, look at the 6 Best DIY Keyboards of 2021 and Best Keyboard and Mouse for the PS5 on our guides.

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