Best Arcade Games on PC

Arcade arcades were once rife around the world, but now they are relegated to niche activities that you rarely see. However, if you are an arcade fanatic, fear not – you can still play classic arcade games on PC. Below is a list of some of the best arcade-style games available on PC:

PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX +

Bringing the classic PAC-MAN coin gameplay on modern hardware, PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX + adds online leaderboards, replicating the classic feel of hitting your high score in an arcade arcade. With multiple location speeds, huge varieties of mazes, and fully customizable difficulty, music, and characters, you can stick to the classics or mix things up for a truly unique experience. But ultimately, at its core, it’s still the same enjoyable PAC-MAN gameplay with bells and whistles, and that’s what makes it so good.

Tekken 7 / Street Fighter V

Arcade fighting games are the lifeblood of many arcade rooms, but you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to enjoy them. Two classic arcade fighting game franchises, Tekken and Street Fighter, have their latest entries perfectly ported to PC. Tekken 7 is a more cinematic entry than Street Fighter, but no less clean in its mechanics. Built around long combos and complex knowledge of a character, Tekken 7 is a fantastic game for any fighting game fan. Related: Fortine Street Fighter Crossover: Cammy & Guile Coming To Fortnite! Street Fighter V is a purer arcade title. If you’ve played a Street Fighter game in the past two decades, you’ll find similar or identical entries for the characters. But the real appeal of the game comes from online play, where you can fight with friends or rivals from all over the world.


Frantic and frenetic gameplay in one of the smoothest shoot-em-ups ever created, Ikaruga is an essential pickup for fans of the genre. The look and feel of a coin-operated shooter, without the price tag of constantly rebuilding your life. This is an extremely difficult default game, but it gets harder and harder as you explore the other difficulty settings. Unique mechanics and a plethora of weapon types to try out give the game a lot of depth. A real challenge for beginners or experienced shoot-em-up players.


One of the most unique titles to come out of the arcade, ACE COMBAT puts you in the seat of the fastest military planes. So far, two ACE COMBAT games have arrived on PC, ACE COMBAT 7 and ACE COMBAT ASSAULT HORIZON. Both are the perfect introduction to the high-flying action of this military shooter. A cheesy, over-the-top storyline accompanies incredibly smooth gameplay and some of the most authentic depictions of modern airplanes in any game outside of Flight Simulators. But the high-class graphics never take away the most important element on this list: arcade-style gameplay that evokes the original cabinets of this legendary series.

Wild Guns Reloaded

The Original Wild Guns was not an arcade game, but it had strong arcade influences. One of Super Nintendo’s must-have games, Wild Gun has been given a new lease of life with Wild Guns Reloaded. Reimagined in HD and packed with lots of extra features, this is perhaps the best co-op shoot-em-up on PC. With new stages, new bosses compared to the original, several new characters and crisp sprite graphics, this is an arcade classic available right on PC. Still looking for PC games? Discover the best ninja games for PC

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