Beat Palkia (shiny) in Raid on Pokémon Go: Weaknesses and best Pokémon counters –

Palkia is a Legendary Pokémon available in 5-Star Raids on Pokémon Go. What are its weaknesses and what are the best Pokémon to face it? The legendary Pokémon Palkia is present in 5-star Raids on Pokémon Go. You can find it from August 1, 2022. Find out all the details about the Pokémon and the best team to successfully defeat and catch it. If you’re lucky, you can also capture shiny Palkia!

Pokémon Palkia (shiny) sheet


Shiny Palkia Raid CP: 54,793 Capture CP:
2,190 – 2,280
2,737 – 2,850 (weather boost: Rain, wind) Shiny: 1/19 Weaknesses: DRAGON FEE Resistances: FIREx2 WATERx2 STEEL Immediate Attacks:
Draco-Breath (DRAGON)
Draco-Tail (DRAGON) Charged Attacks:
Deflagration (FIRE)
Hydrocannon (UAE)
Draco-Meteor (DRAGON)
Hydro-Tail (WATER)

The best Pokemon for counter Palkia

To inflict maximum damage during your Raids against Palkia, consider exploiting its weaknesses. Call on Pokémon of the type, or possessing Dragon or Fairy type attacks.Tip: To search for your Pokémon with DRAGON type attacks, you can type in your Pokémon search bar “@dragon”. You then find all the Pokémon with a fast attack or a charged attack with this type (works with all types). Here is a list of the best Pokémon to use against Palkia with their ideal attacks:

How to beat Palkia?

We advise you to form a team of 4 to 7 trainers with a good level. If you are already level 40 and have good Pokémon, 2-3 players can be enough if you use the right Pokémon counters for the Raid. Join the community on Discord, play Pokémon with other players while being informed of our latest articles!

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