Beat Darkrai in Raid on Pokémon GO: Weaknesses and Counters –

Halloween is approaching and Darkrai arrives in Level 5 Raids. Discover how to successfully beat Darkrai thanks to the list of its weaknesses, the Pokémon counters and our tips … Darkrai is a fabulous DARK-type Pokémon on Pokémon GO. Darkrai, here is all the information you need to put together your team as well as possible!

Pokémon Darkrai sheet

Darkrai Darkrai shiny Type: DARK Raid CP: 53,623 CP: 2,048 – 2,136 Weather Boost (Blizzard): 2,560 – 2,671 Weaknesses: FEE COMBAT INSECT Resistances: DARK SPECTRUM PSY Chance of capture: 2% Shiny rate in Raid: 1/19 Quick Attacks: Feint Bark Charged Attacks: Dark Vibrator Shadowball Blast

The best Pokémon for counter Darkrai

To inflict maximum damage during your Raids against Darkrai, consider exploiting its weaknesses. Use Pokémon of type, or with attacks of type COMBAT, FEE or INSECT. Tip: To search your Pokémon with attacks of type COMBAT, you can type in your Pokémon search bar “@combat”. You will then find all the Pokémon with a fast attack or a charged attack with this type (works with all types) Here is a list of the best Pokémon to use against Darkrai with their ideal attacks: Mega-Dardargnan Sting Wound Cross Lucario Riposte Aurasphère Bétochef Riposte Dynamo-Fist Mackogneur Riposte Dynamo-Fist Hariyama Riposte Dynamo-Fist Chapignon Riposte Dynamo-Fist Braségali Riposte Exploforce Togekiss Magical Shard Charm Pyrax Bumblebee Sting

How to beat Darkrai?

We advise you to form a team of 4 to 7 trainers with a good level. If you are already level 40 and have good Pokémon, 2 to 3 players may be enough if you use the correct Pokémon counters for the Raid. 1 trainer: Impossible 2 trainers: Level 40 recommended 3 trainers: Level 35 recommended 4 trainers: Level 30 recommended You want more articles on Pokémon Go? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles!

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