Battlefield 2042 beta on Steam, how to download it?  –

With the return of Electronic Arts games to the Steam platform, players will be able to download the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta available this weekend. Some time ago Electronic Arts made its games available again on Steam. With the upcoming release of Battlefield 2042, players will no longer be forced to use Origin and will be able to launch the game directly from the Valve platform. In addition, it is already possible to pre-order and download the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta via Steam. To download the Battlefield 2042 beta on Steam players must go to the game page and request access. Once granted, just start downloading the game from the library.

How do I download the Battlefield 2042 beta on Steam?

The process for downloading the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta on Steam is a little different from others. In fact, players must first request access before seeing the game available in the library. Find the steps to follow below. Log in to Steam or create an account. Go to the Battlefield 2042 page in the Store. Go down a bit and click on Request access. Once access has been granted, go to the Library and start the download (approximately 20 GB). However, don’t worry about the access request, it will be granted automatically and a message will appear on the screen. As a reminder, players with early access will be able to play the Battlefield 2042 beta from October 6, other players will have to wait until the 8th. It will end for everyone on October 9th.

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