Back 4 Blood Voice Chat not working Fix

The launch of Back 4 Blood was not ideal, to say the least. Among other issues, players have reported that voice chat is not working as it should. B4B has been plagued with other issues and bugs, especially when it comes to online gaming, but encountering the voice chat not working bug is one of the worst if you’re trying to play with friends. Voice chat does not work on all platforms: PC, PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Series X | S. However, you won’t be stuck in a silent party and forever relegated to Back 4 Blood’s ping system. There are a few workarounds, which we cover in the tips and tricks guide below.

How to fix broken voice chat

Communication is the key to multiplayer play, so voice chat will not work. Fortunately, there are several different solutions to this problem, each with varying success rates. The most consistent solution across all platforms is to make sure that you only use voice chat in the game. Players have noticed that participating in an active call or party in the background resulted in the in-game chat failed. If you are still having issues with voice chat not working, check your in-game audio settings. Make sure the device for your voice input is correctly set to the microphone you are using, because it may default to something else. Make sure both of your volumes are high enough while you are in these settings as well. Another common solution that console gamers have found is to make sure your headset is connected directly to your controller. If your headset is connected through a Mixamp or any other external device that is not plugged directly into your controller, it will likely cause a voice chat not working error. If you are using a wireless headset, you may need to replace it with a wired headset. If none of the above issues helps you overcome the voice chat not working error, you can try some generic troubleshooting methods: Force quitting the Back 4 Blood app and relaunching it Perform a hard reset of your console or your PC If you can get into a game it’s not an internet problem so don’t bother to troubleshoot your network If all else fails you may have to resort to the prompt players to an external game if you want to be able to communicate. You can also contact Back 4 Blood support directly and submit a bug report, although given the similarity of the issue, the developers are probably already reviewing it. Related Articles: None of the above fixes are ideal, but they are worth trying if you find that your voice chat is not working. Hopefully we’ll see an official patch from Turtle Rocks Studios soon, but if not, we hope at least one of these fixes worked for you. For more B4B, consider clicking the links above or heading to our guides hub for more tips.

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