Back 4 Blood in Game Pass, how can I get the game for free?  –

The Back 4 Blood shooter, which will be released in a few days, will be free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Find out how to get it for free! Back 4 Blood, the new first-person shooter from game studio Turtle Rock Studios, will be released on October 12 and will be available on Xbox One and Series, PlayStation 4 and 5, and PC. Xbox Game Pass subscribers for free upon release. But how do you get it? We explain it below!

Claim Back 4 Blood for free on Xbox Game Pass

To get Back 4 Blood for free starting October 12, just follow these steps if you’re already a Game Pass subscriber: Open the Microsoft Store app on your PC or the Xbox Games Store on your Xbox One / Series X | S Then type Back 4 Blood in the search bar Click on Install to add the title to your game library If you are not subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, you just need to opt for one of these subscriptions: The Xbox Game Pass which allows you to play the Game Pass game on Xbox and costs 9.99 euros per month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which costs 12.99 euros per month and which allows you to play all the games in the Game Pass catalog on PC and Xbox and which offers the Xbox Live Gold service as a bonus. You will only have to wait until October 12 to enjoy the game from Turtle Rock Studios, a studio that has also released games such as Left 4 Dead, Portal and Conter Strike.

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