Back 4 Blood: How to invite friends

At launch, Back 4 Blood’s matchmaking isn’t the best; Long queues have plagued players both in the game’s online campaign mode and in the PvP, Swarm mode. Maybe this is why you are wondering how to invite friends. Whether you’re playing as a co-op or against each other as Cleaners vs. Ridden, Friends make B4B a lot more fun – and the actual progress a lot more manageable. Fortunately, the mechanics in place for inviting friends are mostly straightforward and relatively stable compared to other B4B matchmaking systems. For friends playing on other platforms or different generations of consoles, be sure to turn on cross play first if you’ve already turned it off. There are several ways to prepare a party to kill zombies. In Fort Hope, you can open the Options menu and select Social. You can also access this menu by opening the Hub and pressing the corresponding “Party” button that you see in the upper right corner of the screen. These will take you to a new set of menus where you can see your B4B friends online, the platform friend list, the players in your party, those you have recently played with and the players you have blocked. In the B4B Friends List and Platform Friends List tabs, just click on the player’s name and the invitation will appear. Click on it and an invitation will be sent. In the Party tab, click on one of the empty slots with a white “+” sign to invite friends. From the main menu, you can add friends who are not already on your friends list or those who are on different platforms. You will see the entry you need to tap in the upper right corner of the screen. You can also do this when choosing a location on the Party tab. Either way, you’ll need their Back 4 Blood account name. Finally, you can also choose your party’s privacy here, changing it between open, friends only, invite only, and closed. The appropriate entry is visible in the lower left corner of the screen. Another way to invite friends is by launching an online campaign or any Swarm mode match, whether on a public or private server. In these modes, Back 4 Blood will automatically search for other players. During this time, you can click on any of the empty slots to the right of your character’s location to invite or add friends. However, these friends must be online or, if you have not yet added them to your B4B friends list, you can add them by entering their account name. If you start a private server in Swarm mode, you will need to share the server code with your allies. The game also states that “teams must be pre-grouped before creating or joining a server,” so keep that in mind as well. Related Articles: Now you know how to invite your friends to Back 4 Blood. Let the good times roll! Multiplayer is always better with your besties, so make it count and fight the Ridden Horde. For more tips, tricks and help guides, be sure to look at the links above or visit our B4B tips hub.

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