Aya Nakamura concert in Fortnite, when and how to participate?  –

An Aya Nakamura concert should take place soon in Fortnite! But when and how to participate? We explain what we know! Epic Games has just announced the next big Fortnite event: the launch of the “Sound Wave” series! This is a series of musical performances by artists from around the world, which begins with the performance of Mohamed Hamaki, an Egyptian artist. Other artists have already been announced, including Tones And I, Emicida, Gen Hoshino as well as than Aya Nakamura. The latter may be expected, since it is the first French star to make a representation in the game Unfortunately, for the moment, no date has been given for the concert of Aya Nakamura in Fortnite!

How to attend Aya Nakamura concert in Fortnite?

At the moment, no official information is available regarding Aya Nakamura’s concert. We just know that this one will indeed take place, since it was confirmed in a press release from Epic Games (source). If his concert works in the same way as that of Mohamed Hamaki, who is also part of the “Onde Sonore” series, it will certainly be necessary to go to an island of Creative mode, created especially for the occasion. There will certainly be rewards to be won, in memory of Aya Nakamura’s concert! For that of Mohamed Hamaki, it is an emote that is to be unlocked by attending his show on October 1st. For Aya Nakamura, information has not been given yet! We will update this article when we know more about Aya Nakamura’s concert. You want more articles on Fortnite? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles!

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