Axes in Valheim get heavier, bows get slower

Iron Gate Studio, Developer Valheim, has posted a fresh video about the upcoming Hearth & Home update, which will arrive on September 16th. This time, the topic of weapon refinement was touched upon: axes became more powerful, and bows less dominant. After September 16, “machine-gun bursts” from a bow can not wait.

Two-handed axes receive a well-deserved and long-awaited set of buffs. While they will still be slow, their exploitation speed will be increased as much as possible for heavy melee weapons. Hits with two-handed axes will be able to hit more enemies, deal more damage. Thus, these weapons will become more competitive.

Bows will also be changed: the bowstring will have to be pulled even by those who managed to pump the skills of using bows to the maximum, which means that these unrealistic mechanics in the form of instant tension and a perfectly accurate shot will disappear. Also, keeping the bow taut will make your stamina deplete much slower.

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