Are Guardians of the Galaxy an open world?

Guardians of the Galaxy will have large and expansive levels, but likely not an open world. Generally, most RPGs feature open worlds. The game didn’t feature an open world in the trailer, but it did give some clues as to what might be in store. Eidos Montreal has been blunt about the Guardians of the Galaxy story. There will usually be a guide or force that will keep the player on track. The game is unlikely to feature an open world of the genre we love, but it may feature a version of it. The developer dashed any hope of an open world but ultimately did not deny the possibility. As they’ve said over and over, storytelling is at the heart of the game. Even so, it wouldn’t be best to get discouraged, as many games have an open world component that is almost as good. Related: Are There DLCs for Guardians of the Galaxy? A big part of Dragon Age: Inquisition is the Hub-Worlds, where players can explore large areas and go wherever they want. We’re assuming Guardians of the Galaxy falls into this category based on the many trailers. In Marvel’s Avengers, there are also Hub-Worlds. Hub-worlds aren’t ruled out in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, but there’s no confirmation yet. We will update this item when we receive a direct warranty. For more information on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game, look at Are Guardians of the Galaxy Multiplayer or Co-op? on Guides!

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