Are dialogue choices important in Disciples: Liberation?

Screenshot by Guides Disciples: Liberation is a dark fantasy strategy RPG, so it comes with all the bells and whistles. One of these mechanisms is the choice of dialogue during conversations. In most RPGs, these choices can change the outcome of the game in some way. How does Disciples: Liberation deal with them? In a short dialogue, choices matter a lot because they change the outcome of a situation, but in the end there are no bad choices. Your choices help shape the main character Avyanna into who they’ll become, but depending on your decisions, the characters you interact with will react differently. Related: How to Heal in Disciples: Liberation We’re not saying bad choices because no decisions will kick you out of the content or end the game instantly. Of course, there is the obvious ugly choice that you probably shouldn’t choose, but depending on how you want to play the role of Avyanna, this may be the right choice for you. Each dialog option has a symbol to the right before the text. This symbol represents the characteristic choice of this dialogue option. It is therefore preferable to write them down as you make your choices. Sometimes, by asking questions and exhausting all that dialogue, new options appear that weren’t there before. Screenshot by Guides For more Disciples: Liberation guides, Guides has you covered.

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