Arc Kena Bridge of Spirits, how to unlock it?  –

The bow is an important weapon in Kena Bridge of Spirits, with various uses. But how to unlock it quickly? We explain to you! Long awaited by many players, the game Kena Bridge of Spirits is finally available on PlayStation and PC! If when you start the game you will only be able to help yourself with the Burps that you find and your staff, then you can equip yourself with a bow with different functions, which will be very useful to you! But how to get this bow? Simply by following the main story of the game! This weapon will unlock very quickly, in the first act of Kena. We detail everything below.

How to unlock the bow in Kena Bridge of Spirits?

It is quickly after the start of the game that you will be able to unlock the arc in Kena. For that, you just have to follow the main story: You will quickly find yourself having to search for Taro, the missing brother of the twins Saiya and Beni. During this search, they will ask you to find someone named Rusu, who lives in cliffs, then you will face different monsters during this adventure, and will end up facing boss Kappa. You will then be very close to unlocking the arc! Once it’s done, follow the twins who will bring you to Rusu. He will then tell you about the bow and teach you how to use it! The bow has different functions, which makes it very useful for the rest of the game, and much stronger than the basic stick.

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