Anime Adventures Tier List  All Characters Ranked

Image via Roblox Anime Adventures Anime Adventures is one of the latest tower defense games to be released on the Roblox platform. Like other games of the same genre, Anime Adventures has over 50 playable characters on its roster. Due to this large pool of heroes, many new players often fail to understand the caliber of each character, as all characters are randomly unlocked by rotating. So, let’s say you are a newbie and want to participate in PVP modes. In this case, you can start with commonly available powerful units like Levi and explore other options from our tier list.

All Anime Adventures Characters Ranked

Note: Characters in each level are not ranked in any particular ranking order. Related: How To Level Up Fast In Roblox Anime Adventures Story S+ Characters Lelouch S Broly, Katakuri, Ace, Speed ​​Wagon, Akainu, Erwin, White Hair, Black Hair, All Might, Madara, Bullma, Shanks, Dio UN Levi , Sakura, Future Gohan, Giorno, Goku, Todoroki, Rengoku, Pain, Jotoro, Diavolo, Dabi B Mihawk, Arwin, Crocodile, Gara, Black Goku, Kizaru, Itochi, Agony C Sanji, Luffy, Genos, Piccolo, Trafalgar Law, Josuke, Freiza, Killua, Overhaul, Inosuke, Deku, Vegeta, Krillin, Re Zenitsu, Kakyoin, Luffy (after time skip), Kakashi, Zoro, Usopp, Uraraka, Bakugo, Jonathan, Tanjiro

Best characters in anime adventures

Best Overall Hero in Anime Adventures

Lelouch Lelouch is not only the rarest unit in the game but also the best. He is a secret unit and will not be available for purchase from the regular banner. Lelouch can spawn Britannia soldiers that can deal damage and stun enemies. Other than that, he can use his mind control ability to knock enemies back and deal damage to them. The best part is that it works on mini bosses as well as main bosses.

Best Supporting Hero in Anime Adventures

Speed ​​Wagon Speed ​​Wagon is the best supporting character in Anime Adventures. Unlike Bulma, who might be considered the best support unit by many players, you can sell your unit at any point in the game. Also, after max leveling, you can get $9,000 each round, and the cost of all three whole units is 1,000 less than Bulma’s.

Best AOE/DPS Hero in Anime Adventures

Broly Broly is the best AOE type character in the entire game. The base mythical Broly isn’t that good, but once you can evolve him in the store, he turns into an AOE beast with a boost of 50% attack range and 25% damage increase. No other character has such range in the game, and Madara is the only unit that can get close to him. For more awesome guides, look at How to Get Gems Fast in Roblox Anime Adventures and How to Use Gold Coins in Anime Adventures on our guides.

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