Animal Crossing: New Horizons Launches New Island Tour Feature

Even after a year since its release, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been the hot topic in 2021, having caught the attention of gamers around the world. It’s no wonder that the first anniversary has dazzled many players. The main reason for this sudden surge in popularity is all the new events that came as part of the one-year celebration.

In addition, Nintendo has just launched a new Island Tour Creator service for all its users. Now, players can make a poster or trailer showing their beautiful island. In fact, this is a nice addition, and all players who have spent hours decorating their island will love it.

Island Tour Creator Service at Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Island Tour Creator is available as a web service at However, it can be accessed through any smartphone device and is not available on the desktop. Users can choose a poster or trailer as the medium to display their island.

Also, you can only upload images or videos from Animal Crossing media. To make a beautiful breakthrough, you may want to upload multiple videos. Naturally, the best way to capture some amazing ideas from your island would be by shooting gameplay videos on Nintendo Switch.

After pressing and holding the capture button, it will record the last 30 seconds. Therefore, you must show your island before using the capture button. While making a trailer, you will be asked to use three themes for your island. Plus, you’ll need to upload three screenshots or one video per topic for awesome content. The topics will be: Photography, Museum, Fashion, Events, Home, Articles, Favorites, Neighbors and Scenography.

After completing that, you need to add your island name with a motto and your dream address. In the end, a high-quality video will be developed that you can download or share. The developers have also introduced a narrator voice that will narrate all the features of your island in the trailer.

Showcase Poster Medium

Any gamer who doesn’t like to show their island through videos can make a poster of their island instead.

To make a poster, they must select a screenshot of the game and one of the nine available frame designs. They can even change the frame’s color scheme and position or zoom the screenshot to the perfect angle they want.

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