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In Last Fantasy 14, it is possible for you to to finish the hunt “Anima Weapon” which lets you acquire a novel weapon. We inform you learn how to do it. Last Fantasy 14 since its launch permits gamers to acquire many weapons by eliminating sure enemies, forging them and even by finishing sure quests inside the recreation. Amongst these weapons as a reward, we discover an Anima weapon linked to your class and which you’ll acquire by finishing the hunt “Anima nova” which is a part of a saga.

Learn how to full the hunt “Anima Nova” in FF14 as a way to have the Anima weapon?

To have the ability to acquire this quest, you’ll first need to respect the next conditions: Have accomplished the hunt “The steps of awakening” Have the extent “Disciples of warfare or magic of stage 60” As quickly as that is truth, it is possible for you to to go to Azys Lla to talk to the NPC named “Ardashir”. He then asks you to recuperate 4 objects, specifically: Enchanted rubber which requires: 10 Mysterious Bone Fragment 4 Adamantium Francisque Superior Allaganza solidifying agent which requires: 10 Mysterious shell 4 Titanium alloy mirror Divine water which requires: 10 Gem mysterious brute 4 Arrow-amulet Superior Allagan tometer which requires: 10 Mysterious seeds 4 Kings brioche It ought to be famous that every merchandise marked in daring must be exchanged with Cristina in Mor Dhonas for different gadgets that we’ve listed for you beneath and which might be crafted or harvested within the recreation. To seek out out the place to get every ingredient, you may: go to the hunt web page on the FF14 database (supply) go to the feedback then click on on the item that pursuits you After having recovered the 4 objects of the hunt from Cristina, you now not need to go discover Gerolt in Azys Lla to place an finish to this missi on and get your Anima weapon to stage 210. Posted on 12/21/2021 at 7:22 PM

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