Among Us Unblocked Cannot Download, Here’s Why

If you’ve ever wanted to access new features in Among Us, such as new skins and larger maps, you may have come across Among Us Unblocked during your research. But what is Among Us Unblocked and why shouldn’t you download it? We can help you answer them.

What is unlocked among us?

Among Us Unblocked advertises itself as a full or “unlocked” version of the game, but it isn’t. It’s just a fancy term for a modified version of Among Us, meaning there is more than one version of Among Us Unblocked available. It’s also not an official game published by InnerSloth, so you won’t find it on their page, Steam, or the App / Play Store. Third-party websites will host them. Among us, the unlocked games are free, and yes, they come with the aforementioned features like more skins and even new characters. However, since they are not affiliated with the official creators, you are taking a huge risk installing them. Related: Which Character Among Us Are You Quiz

How to play Among Us unlocked?

Image via InnerSloth Playing among us without blocking is not a problem, as the games should work the same as the version of InnerSloth after being downloaded and installed. But they are not safe. The special additions promised by any Among Us Unblocked game are not worth the risk of inviting potential malware into your phone or PC. Instead, get an official copy of Among Us from Steam, Epic Games, or the App / Play Store. Then buy DLC of any cosmetic items (e.g. pets and hats) you want to own. You can also install mods in your official copy of Among Us to get features currently not offered in the base game, such as proximity chat. For more help with Among Us, Guides has you covered.

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