Among Legends rules, how to play Solary game?

Solary has developed a new concept: Among Legends! Find out how to play it and what are the official rules of the game in League of Legends. For some time now, it has been possible to discover a brand new concept developed and streamed by Solary! This is Among Legends, a game using the codes of Among Us, played on League of Legends. There are different roles, different ways of winning, as well as a debate system. But how do you play this game? What are the official rules put in place by Solary? Five roles are to be discovered in total, we detail everything below!

How to play Among Legends, what are the rules?

To play Among Legends, go to a classic League of Legends game! The ideal is to play with 10 players, but it is also possible to play with only 5 players. Each player has a role, which is given to them before the draft. The object of the game, for each player, is to succeed in achieving their goal without being unmasked, while trying to unmask other players. At the end of each game, a debate is launched to try to unmask the impostors, but also the other roles.The five roles of Among Legends are as follows: Impostor: Lose the game without being unmasked Droide: Win the game by following the instructions received Serpentine: Win the game with the most deaths and damage from his team Double-sided: Randomly change roles. Must win the game as a nice guy or lose as an impostor Superhero: Win the game with the most damage, assists and kills. Seriously penalized in case of defeat You can find Solary’s explanatory video below: The rules of # AmongLegends? ️Https: //
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? ️Https: // – Solary (@SolaryTV) October 10, 2021 Head over to LoL to play this new concept! You want more articles on League of Legends? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles! Published on 10/11/2021 11:37 AM

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