All VR commands from Phasmophobia

Being a VR adventure horror game, Phasmophobia provides little or nothing during the initial mission to keep its players engaged and mystified. But this exploratory act can confuse new players to learn more about their controls and movement mechanics. You can move around using your left joystick and pick up items with your grip buttons. But as you progress it will get tricky and complicated. So here is a list of all the commands and keyboard shortcuts for VR mode.

Default controls for Phasmophobia VR mode

Occulus Rift S Controller Key Mapping Basic Character Movement: To move around, place your left joysticks in the desired direction. Look around you: right stick or move your head in the direction you prefer. Local chat: By default, local chat is enabled in the VR version of Phasmophobia Chat radio: to chat globally or chat by radio, you need to place your left hand near your head and long press the trigger button. Pick up an object: To pick up an object or item, press and hold the grip button according to your hand. Related: What Is Nightmare Mode In Phasmophobia? Drop an object: To drop an object or article, release the grip of the hand holding it. Take Your Journal: This is the most confusing part of the whole checklist. So we made a separate guide on this. Being default controls, you can always modify these bindings in the control settings section according to your preferences. Note: – All prescribed fixings are made with reference to Occulus Rift S controllers. Other VR controllers may have different control links. For more awesome guides, look at the Phasmophobia section on our guides.

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