All the sister villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Within each of the Animal Crossing games, the different villagers have a specific personality category. When the characters continue on to a new game, they don’t always keep the same personality. The sister villagers are very friendly, often talk about their childhood and will want to create a friendly competition with the player. Here are all of Animal Crossing’s sister villagers: New Horizons


Image via Nintendo This black and white pig wants to become a pro golfer. Starting Phrase – Snuffle Starting Clothes – Pink Striped Halter Dress Request – The Art Museum Hobby – Playing Birthday – April 21 Zodiac Sign – Taurus


Image via Nintendo This orange koala with a dark red blush wants to become a tennis player. Leaving phrase – Nuh uh Leaving clothes – Tank top with green stripes Request – The international restaurant Hobby – Playing Birthday – May 14 Zodiac sign – Taurus


Image via Nintendo The neon green and yellow bear who wants to become an archaeologist. Departure sentence – Urgh Departure clothes – Red sports jacket Request – A flowery display case Hobby – Fitness Birthday – April 17th Zodiac sign – Aries


Image via Nintendo This red and black dog wishes to become a dancer. Starting Phrase – What What Starting Clothes – Spider Web T-Shirt Request – A Podium Hobby – Music Birthday – May 11 Zodiac Sign – Taurus


Image via Nintendo The gray deer with white make-up and a dream of becoming a journalist. Starting sentence – Whatevs Starting clothes – Jumper with yellow flowers Request – Autumn atmosphere Hobby – Playing Birthday – May 4th Zodiac sign – Taurus


Image via Nintendo The purple frog whose goal is to become a hairdresser. Leaving Phrase – You Know Leaving Clothes – Palatial Tank Dress Request – A Place With Good Vibes Hobby – Birthday Fashion – October 2 Zodiac Sign – Libra


Image via Nintendo A peachy beige koala with a Hawaiian twist. Starting Phrase – Aloha Starting Clothes – Red Hula Top Request – Marching Band HQ Hobby – Music Birthday – March 21 Zodiac Sign – Aries Related: How to Get and Use the Donation Box in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Image via Nintendo The dark blue penguin with an interest in becoming a marathoner. Departure phrase – Cha Departure clothing – Devilish shirt Request – The art museum Hobby – Music Birthday – September 2 Zodiac sign – Virgo


Image via Nintendo The brown and yellow sheep with an interest in becoming a chef. Leaving Phrase – Oh ewe Leaving Clothes – Hot Dog T-Shirt Request – A Fast Food Restaurant Hobby – Music Birthday – July 16th Zodiac Sign – Cancer


Image via Nintendo The hot pink deer who wants to be a makeup artist. Starting Phrase – Precious Starting Clothes – Zigzag Dress Request – Home Repair Hobby – Music Birthday – September 19th Zodiac Sign – Virgo


Image via Nintendo The brown squirrel wearing a unibrow with the dream of becoming a dentist. Starting phrase – Uni-wow Starting clothes – Red warm-up outfit Request – A cartoonist workshop Hobby – Playing Birthday – August 30 Zodiac sign – Virgo


Image via Nintendo A dark brown cat who wants to be a swimmer. Starting Phrase – Purrty Starting Clothes – Old-School Jacket Request – A Gathering of Katts Hobby – Music Birthday – April 27 Zodiac Sign – Taurus


Image via Nintendo A yellow bunny, with a superhero outfit and an interest in becoming a makeup artist. Starting Phrase – Rabbit Starting Clothes – Noble Zap Costume Request – Futuristic Space Hobby – Fitness Birthday – July 6th Zodiac Sign – Cancer


Image via Nintendo A black sheep with purple horns who dreams of becoming a dermatologist. Starter Phrase – Nightshade Starter Clothes – Purple Ruffle Dress Request – A Richly Decorated Bedroom Hobby – Music Birthday – February 14 Zodiac Sign – Aquarius Related: How to Get the Permanent Scale DIY Recipe in Animal Crossing: New horizons


Image via Nintendo The brown goat with turquoise horns who wants to be a pro golfer. Leaving phrase – Kidders Leaving clothes – Rainbow sweater Request – A beautiful rococo bedroom Hobby – Music Birthday – December 26 Zodiac sign – Capricorn


Image via Nintendo The brown hippie bear who wants to be a volleyball player. Leaving Phrase – Yodelay Starting Clothes – Pep Squad T-Shirt Request – Karaoke Lounge Hobby – Fitness Birthday – March 22 Zodiac Sign – Aries


Image via Nintendo The fiery ostrich who dreams of being a swimmer. Leaving Phrase – Sparky Leaving Clothes – Front T-Shirt Request – A Fiery Meeting Place Hobby – Fitness Birthday – April 22 Zodiac Sign – Taurus


Image via Nintendo The brown chicken who wants to be a dancer. Starting Phrase – Chicky-poo Starting Clothes – Bold Muumuu Hobby – Playing Birthday – October 12 Zodiac Sign – Libra


Image via Nintendo This purple and lavender eagle is a minimalist. Starting Clothes – Black Collarless Shirt Hobby – Education Birthday – January 20 Zodiac Sign – Aquarius


Image via Nintendo The trendy brown horse that featured in New Horizons and Pocket Camp. Leaving Phrase – Ayup yup Leaving Clothes – Zigzag Print Dress Request – Fancy House Hobby – Playing Birthday – June 4th Zodiac Sign – Gemini


Image via Nintendo The lavender rhino who dreams of being a marathon runner. Starting Phrase – Yo yo yo Starting Clothes – Sailor’s Tee Request – A Vacant Land Hobby – Music Birthday – May 28 Zodiac Sign – Gemini


Image via Nintendo The pink gorilla whose main goal is to swim. Leaving Phrase – Vroom Leaving Clothes – Shirt # 4 Request – A Superhero Stash Hobby – Fitness Birthday – April 14 Zodiac Sign – Aries


Image via Nintendo This gray monkey who dreams of becoming a figure skater. Starting Phrase – Cheeky Starting Clothes – Garden Tank Request – A Flowerbed That Will Not Wilt Hobby – Music Birthday – April 10 Zodiac Sign – Aries


Image via Nintendo The dark purple kangaroo who wants to be a tour guide. Departure phrase – Boing Departure clothes – Tropical Muumuu Request – A place with swimming pool Hobby – Music Birthday – May 3 Zodiac sign – Taurus


Image via Nintendo The little yellow sister who wants to become a director. Leaving Phrase – Ya Heard Leaving Clothes – Sports Jacket Request – A Halloween Themed Place Hobby – Playing Birthday – June 23 Zodiac Sign – Cancer


Image via Nintendo The village sister pink bear dreams of becoming a florist. Leaving Phrase – Grooomph Leaving Clothes – Long Striped Dress Request – A Floral Box Hobby – Music Birthday – January 16th Zodiac Sign – Capricorn For more Animal Crossing content, look at Top 10 Pairs of Roommates in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise on Guides. TweetSharePin

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