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TeamFight Tactics set 6 is just around the corner. While the full list of traits and champions has not been announced, here are the champions, traits, and mechanics that will make an appearance in the steampunk-themed version.


Set 6 brings a few new arrivals, as well as some returning fan favorite champions. Blitzcrank Caitlyn Cho’Gath Darius Dr World Ezreal Landing Gateway Tombs Heimerdinger Illaoi Kassadin Katarina Loulou Miss Fortune Orianna Sung Poppy Lover Soot Kench Tristana Nesting Vayne Warwick Yuumi Ziggs Related: Beginner’s Guide to Teamfight Tactics – How to Improve & Sings ‘to improve!


Here you can see some of the new Traits in Set 6, as well as the Ornn Artifact Hextech Increase Unfortunately, we don’t yet know how these traits work. But here are the confirmed traits for set 6. Anti-Mage Academy Arcanist Brute Assassin Challenger Chemtech Colossus Enchanter Executor Wolverine Hero Imperial Innovator Mercenary Mutant Abandon Sniper Syndicate Double Hit Yordle

Overall Mechanic

The main mechanism of Set 6 is the Hextech Augments. These range from a power boost to your champions to improving (and in some cases modifying) fundamental game systems: Boost that gives ranged units 2 hexes of extra range. Increase that gives each unit with an item + 200HP and + 20AD. Improvement which gives the player 1 gold bonus and a free raise after losing a round (allowing more greedy strategies and in streaks of losses). The Return of Ornn’s Folk Artifacts from the Set 4.5. An improvement that lets you know which player you will fight next. An improvement that opens up the possibility of leveling up to level 10. The steampunk-themed set is gearing up (pun intended certainly) to be an exciting shake-up, and while we may not yet know all the details, there is a ton to get excited about. Need help preparing set 6? Check out some of our guides on TeamFight Tactics fundamentals, such as How to Manage Your TFT Economy and Shortcuts and Shortcuts You Should Know on Guides!

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