All survivors and demons in Evil Dead The Game

Image via Saber InteractiveEvil Dead The Game is an asymmetrical multiplayer game in which a team of survivors take on a demonic being. Survivors and Demons are taken from the popular Evil Dead series. This may make you wonder who the survivors and demons of Evil Dead The Game are.

Evil Dead The Game List of Survivors and Demons

All playable survivors

You will play a character from the entire Evil Dead series in a team of four. These can be different classes that give them unique abilities. You must work together to survive and fight the demonic forces. Here are all the survivors of Evil Dead The Game.RulerAsh WilliamsAnnie KnowbyLord ArthurWarriorAsh WilliamsScottyHenry the RedHunterAsh WilliamsEd GetlyKelly MaxwellAmanda FisherSupportAsh WilliamsCheryl WilliamsPaul Simon BolívarRelated: Is Evil Dead: The Game Cross-Platform/Cross-Play?

All playable demons

You play as a demon from across the Evil Dead series against a team of four survivors. These can be different classes that give them unique abilities. You will have to use your demon’s forces to defeat the human team. Here are all of the demons in Evil Dead The Game.NecromancerEvil AshElite SkeletonSkeletonPuppeteerEligosDemi-EligosBerserker MortiteMilitary LeaderHenrietteElite MortiteDeathAs each Demon and Survivor can be played differently, we recommend trying them all out to see which works best for you. Then, once you’ve found your favorite, you can wreak havoc as a demon or save the day as a survivor. For more on Evil Dead The Game, look at Will Evil Dead: The Game Will on Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Now? and All playable characters in Evil Dead: The Game, explained in the our guides.

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