All Splitgate Ranks Explained

Splitgate is a fast paced arena shooter that requires a fair amount of skill, especially if you want to participate in its ranked game modes. The leaderboard not only displays your skills, but also rewards you with badges and titles. But the ranks in Splitgate are not clearly explained. There are a total of 32 ranks divided into 8 levels. Each level is divided into different levels based on points. Within each level, besides Brass and Champion, these levels are awarded at intervals of 100 points. For example, Bronze 1 would be 1000 points but Bronze 3 would be 1200. You can see all the ranks in Splitgate below. Related: What is the Pantheon Race to Splitgate Rank Points Brass 0-999 Bronze (1-5) 1,000-1,499 Silver (1-5) 1,500-1,999 Gold (1-5) 2 000-2 499 Platinum (1-5) 2,500-2,999 Diamond (1-5) 3,000-3,499 Master (1-5) 3,500-3,999 Champion 4,000-5,000 There are three ranked game modes in Splitgate. These are ranked 4v4, ranked withdrawal, and ranked 2v2. Ranked playlists are unlocked at level 15, so you cannot play ranked game modes until you reach level 15. This will unlock Ranked 4v4 and as you level up you will unlock the other game modes. Winning or losing in a ranked game mode will subtract or add ranking points. At this time, there are no rewards for ranking other than badges and titles. Playing in ranked game modes will still count towards Daily, Weekly, and Battlepass challenges. For more information on Splitgate, see How to Fix Splitgate Unable to Authenticate Error and All Achievements / Trophies in Splitgate on our guides.

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