All requirements for Twitch Affiliates and Partners

Image via Twitch and Amazon LLC The eligibility list of what a streamer needs to start making money on their Twitch channel. It starts with Bits, Subs, and Emotes as an Affiliate with lots of other perks as a Partner.

All membership conditions

As it stands, the conditions for becoming an affiliate are as follows. Streamers must have streamed at least 500 total minutes in the past 30 days. During those 30 days, there must have been seven separate / unique feeds. The average number of viewers for these streams must exceed three or more. The channel must have at least 50 subscribers. After fulfilling these conditions, the streamer will receive a notification and email inviting them to the affiliate program after a few weeks. By clicking the Get Started button on the Twitch Creator Dashboard, streamers will demonstrate how to start monetizing their channel after all of the steps are complete. Related: How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication On Twitch

Partner requirements

Image via Twitch Help Site Partner requirements seem straightforward, but have a few obstacles not listed in the Path To Partner Achievement Checklist. Average viewers cannot be boosted by raids, hosts, or front page spotlights and must be channel independent. After earning the affiliation, streamers can view their achievements to see the checklist. Within 30 days, the streamer must broadcast a total of 25 hours or more. The streamer must stream 12 different days within the 30-day period. The streamer’s average viewership during this 30-day period must be 75 or more. Once all of the steps are complete, streamers will unlock the option to request a partnership to which Twitch will respond via email. The average delay is seven days. However, there can be a long wait for some. If a streamer is rejected, they can continue to apply. There are many reasons for rejection, and the email should reflect some of what may be missing in order to become a partner. For more information on Twitch, see How to Change Your Twitch Name on our guides.

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