All races in Final Fantasy XIV

When you first start Final Fantasy XIV, the choice of races and classes can be overwhelming. So whether you’ve just downloaded the game or are looking to choose your character before you even start, read on to learn more about all the races in Final Fantasy 14. Currently, the stat differences between races are so negligible. that they do not affect any version you would like to try. Races, in this sense, are entirely cosmetic in Final Fantasy XIV, so you shouldn’t worry about choosing the “best”. Instead, just select the one you like the look of.


Screenshot by Guides The Hyurs are the default “human” race in Final Fantasy XIV. They look and act pretty much exactly like humans. But just like real humans, they have a variety of appearances. According to their lore in the game, the Hyrs have a greater number of languages ​​and traditions, as well as a diverse heritage, resulting in a lack of a unified culture. They fall into two sub-races or clans: the Midlanders and the slightly larger and hardy Highlanders.


Screenshot by Guides Elezen are the “elves” of Final Fantasy XIV. Large, pointed-eared, and long-lived, the Elezen are native to forests and mountain caves. They are often distant and arrogant. The Elezens have two clans, which represent a pair of sub-races: the Wildwood Elezen and the Duskwight Elezen, with the former settling in forests and the latter preferring caves and underground locations.


Screenshot by Guides The Lalafells are a small and childish breed known for their farming and social skills. In the world of Final Fantasy XIV, it’s not uncommon to see them act like merchants or politicians, jobs they excel at. There are two clans from Lalafell, Dunesfolk, which have bright, shiny eyes, and Plainsfolk who often have brightly colored hair with undertones like mossy greens and earthy reds. Related: Best Jobs In Final Fantasy XIV


Screenshot by Guides The Miqo’te are a breed of cats with fluffy ears and long tails. Smaller than the Hyurs, but taller than the Lalafells, the Miqo’te are hunters and fighters. They are often territorial and solitary. They are divided into two clans, the Patriarchal Sun Seekers and the Night Moon Guardians.


Screenshot by Guides Roegadyn is a towering and burly of rugged warriors. They are one of the largest breeds of players and are known for their formidable muscle and muscle. However, Roegadyn is also often seen in command and leadership positions. The Roegadyn clans are the Sea Wolves, who are sea pirates, and the Hellsguards who are mountain volcanoes lovers.

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Screenshot by Guides The Scaled Au Ra are the descendants of dragons and generally live in the continents of the Far East. They have a starring role in the Stormblood expansion, but were first introduced in Heavensward. The two clans of Au Ra are the Raen, who often live underwater or hidden deep in mountain ranges, and the Xaela, who inhabit the open steppes.


Screenshot by Guides The Hrothgar are towering, beastly lion-men who were introduced to Shadowbringers. They bear a striking similarity to the Ronso from Final Fantasy X and may even have similar head horns. Currently, you can only play as a male Hrothgar. Their two clans are the Helions and the Lost, who differ on whether they regard Queen Hrothgar as their rightful leader.


Screenshot by Guides The badass bunny girls from Final Fantasy 14, the Viera women were originally introduced in Shadowbringers. However, from the Endwalker, the male Viera will also be in the game. In a reversal of the usual trope, Viera women dominate their male counterparts. The two Viera clans are the Rava who live in the jungle and the Veena, who live in the snow-capped mountains. Ready to dive into Final Fantasy 14? Check out the best Final Fantasy XIV expansions on Guides.

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