All playable characters in Soul Worker

The MMO genre has many unique games that set them apart from the competition, including the anime-inspired MMO Soul Worker. Players choose one of the many predetermined characters to control in Soul Worker that they can master to take on demons from another dimension. There are seven playable characters in Soul Worker. With varying powers and abilities, each of these characters plays and behaves differently. We have compiled a list of playable characters in the game with information from the official game Wiki. Check out the playable characters below to see which suits you best. Related: All Ages, Birthdays & Zodiac Signs of Genshin Impact Characters Name: Chii Aruel Age: 16 Height: 5ft. Birthday: March 2 Name: Jin Seipatsu Age: 17 Height: 5ft 8in. Birthday: July 28 Name: Lily Bloomerchen Age: 15 Height: 5ft 4in. Birthday: unknown Name: Erwin Arclight Age: 18 Height: 5ft 7in. Birthday: May 29 Name: Iris Yuma Age: 18 Height: 5’5 ” Birthday: November 4th Name: Haru Estia Age: 17 Height: 5ft 4in. Birthday: September 10 Name: Stella Unibell Age: 14 Height: 4’8 ” Birthday: June 25 Info via Soul Worker Wiki For more on game listings, be sure to look at some of our other guides, like Genshin Impact: All Upcoming Characters here on Guides.

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