All of Samira’s Ultimate Interactions in League of Legends

Samira is one of League of Legends’ newer ADCs; However, I often ask myself the question: “Can I use my R while doing something”. I decided to create a guide and analyze most of the possible interactions of Samira’s Ultimate Ability during standard League of Legends play.

Samira’s Ultimate Background Info

First, let’s set up some basics and information on how Samira’s ultimate ability – Inferno Trigger works. It deals physical damage to enemies and only evolves with AD. This ability can critically hit and also applies life steal at 66.6% efficiency. It deals less damage to minions and monsters. Players cannot use Inferno Trigger unless Samira reaches the maximum stacks of her passive (six). She always gets a stack of her passive when she uses a separate attack, either an ability or an auto attack. You can’t stack it using an ability or attack in a row, for example, you can’t get two stacks using two AAs one after the other.

Samira’s Ultimate Interactions

First interactions that allow you to continue to draw your ultimate under the effect of these skills or items. The interesting thing is that it doesn’t work with most articles. You just can’t use them while filming your ultimate, but you can use Hextech Protobelt. This is not very useful because this element is AP. Related: All Of Lucian’s Ultimate Interactions In League of Legends

Walk with:

E of Samira – Savage Rush Use summoner spells (excluding teleportation) Hextech Protobelt (magic damage item)

Does NOT work with:

Items that will interrupt Inferno Trigger: Zhonya’s Hourglass (Survival Magic Item) Stopwatch (Zhonya Component) Ranger’s Crawl (Lethality Item) Galeforce (Critical Hit Item) Hextech Protobelt (Magic Damage Item) Everfrost (Shatter Item) Magic) Goedrinker (Sustain Bruiser Item) Stridebreaker (Mobility Bruiser Item) Samira’s Ultimate is a channeled ability, so it’s interrupted by most difficult CCs as well. I’m going to list the Crowd Control that interrupts Inferno Trigger and some examples of these effects: Side Slash (Draven’s E) Push Back (R from Aurelion) Knock Up (Alistar’s Q) Pull (W from Aatrox) Charm (E from Ahri ) Fear (W of Shaco) Provocation (W of Galio) Silence (W of Cho Gath) Disturb (A of Kassadin) Drowsiness / Sleep (Zoe’s E) Stasis (R of Bard) Stun (Ashe is R) Suspension (Q of Nami) ) Suppression (R from Malzahar) Disarm (W from Lulu) The other crowd control does not interrupt Samira’s Ultimate, so root, for example, will not cancel its chain. Abilities like Spell Shield or items like Banshee only block one shot, so it doesn’t have as much of an impact. Other notable skills that won’t negate but block your ultimate ability are: W – Yasuo’s Wind Wall (blocks until placed) E of Braum – Unbreakable (only blocks the first shot, then takes reduced damage) W from Gwen – Hollow Mist (only Gwen when invulnerable) E – Pantheon Aegis Assault (blocks for shield duration) E – Samira’s Wild Rush (blocks foregrounds) Any invincibility like the R from Tryndamere or R from Kayle For more articles on League of Legends, look at League of Legends Which Way Should I Play? (2021).

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