All LSPDFR controls and keyboard shortcuts

Image via Rockstar Games Over the years, the GTA V community has created several interesting mods to keep their players engaged and relevant. One of those mods is the LSPDFR mod which lets you play as a policeman in the fictional town of Los Santos. Although the vanilla mod is easy to install, many new players find it difficult to understand the controls as they overlap with the default keyboard shortcuts. You can search any suspect by pressing Q and stop by pressing E, but it can get tricky and confusing as you explore more.

LSPDFR module controls and links

Here is a list of all the basic and essential checks required for all sincere cops in the city of Santos. The controls Function F4 Open console / command B You can call fellow police officers for reinforcements B Report a crime J Activate the police siren on your patrol car Q Frisk any suspect (standing near the suspect) Q Open the ‘Special police computer N Opens the interaction menu N Police car location and Pursuit menu E Suspicious handcuffs (while standing over them) E Hands in the air (while pointing your gun on suspect) E Have your suspect sit down (after handcuffing your suspect) AND Answer all guard calls Left shift Start / stop traffic Directional keys Navigate any menu Interaction Enter Select an option from any menu Caps Lock action F9 Open Court menu Related: Where is the army base in GTA V

Changing keyboard shortcuts in LSPDFR

If you don’t like the default keyboard shortcuts, you can always change the respective shortcuts from the LSPDFR mappings. To do this, follow the steps given below. Open both the game and the LSPDFR mod. After launching, press ESC to open the Start menu and find LSPDFR options in the menu. Screenshot by Guides Click on the LSPDF options to open the mappings for the mod. Now change the key mappings according to your taste. Keep in mind that LSPDFR is one of the most commonly used and updated mods in the GTA V community. Check the mod’s official website for any changes to the settings and bindings prescribed above. For more awesome guides, look at the GTA V section on Guides.

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