All Kappa locations in Lost Judgment

There are many collectibles and side cases in Lost Judgment and Where The Kappa Roam combines the two. This secondary suitcase requires you to find and collect seven kappa statues spread throughout the city. Finding them all can be a bit of a hassle. To start the side case, you will first need to go to N Sakura River Street, marked 0 on the map. Here you’ll find two men arguing, one in costume and the other holding a kappa statue. You have to step in and fight the man with the statue. Then the man in the suit will introduce himself as Kodama and ask you to find seven kappa statues. Starting this case adds the word kappa to your Buzz Researcher app. Related: How To Heal In Lost Judgment? The first statue can be found at the location marked with 1 on the map. Here you will find a man reeling a big fish. Talk to this man and you will have to complete a mini-game that requires you to press buttons. After completing it, you will receive a status. Then head to the location marked with 2 and walk around the homeless camp near Onodera’s Wares. Eventually, a thief with the kappa statue will appear. Talk to him and get into a chase mini-game. Press the buttons correctly and you will catch the thief and the statue. For the third statue, head to the location marked with 3. Here you will find two men on the Tsurukame Bridge who are planning to sell the kappa statue. Let them finish talking, then go. Head to the location marked with 3.5 and you can buy the Benten Pawn statue for 100 yen. For the fourth kappa statue, head to the location marked with 4 on the map by S. Sakura River St. There you will find two kappa statues. One is a fake. Interact with the other to get it back. For the fifth kappa statue, use this map and head to the location marked with 5 near the football field. You can find the statue next to a soccer goal. For the sixth kappa statue, use the first map and head to the location marked with 6 on E. Central St. At the corner of this building you will find the statue next to trash bags. For the seventh and final statue, return to your base in Yokohama 99. You should have found the other six statues beforehand. Once you collect them, you’ll find the last kappa statue in a corner near your shelves. That’s it, you have recovered the seven statues! For more information on Lost Judgment, see Where to Find Mysterious Fruits in Lost Judgment – Look at Recipe Guide and Where to Find Beehives in Lost Judgment – Look at Recipe Guide on Guides.

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