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Screenshot by Guides Although Scryption is a deck-building game, the player can find and collect several items to aid them on their journey. These range from providing cards to the player’s advantage over Leshy. Some items are better than others and you can only fit three at a time normally. The Squirrel in a Bottle is a great card because it gives you a free sacrifice. The hourglass, fan, and piggy bank are also great choices. The dagger, hook, and scissors are good items but should be used in the right situation. You can see all the elements and their effects below. Related: What Are Teeth – How To Get Them In Inscryption Article Description Method To Get It Bottle The player can receive bottles containing different cards. Using this item places the card in the player’s hand. These cards can be a squirrel, a boulder, a blood goat, and a frozen opossum. Backpacks Pliers Pull one of your teeth and place it on Leshy’s side on the scale, lowering it by one point. Backpacks Fan Gives all cards on your side the theft seal for one turn. Backpacks Scissors Cut one of Leshy’s cards and remove it from the board. Backpacks Piggy Bank Give the player four bones. Hourglass backpacks Force Leshy to take her turn. Backpacks Hook Allows the player to steal one of Leshy’s cards and place it on their side. This only works if the player has free space and can only be used once per race. Defeat Fisherman Dagger Cut out your eye and place it on Leshy’s side on the scale, lowering it by four points. Can only be used once per race. Solving the Caged Wolf Puzzle Green Drop Bottle Leshy will remove this item from the board if you try to use it. He places it on the shelf behind him. It will give clues but has no other purpose. Backpacks For more information on Inscryption, see How to Get Stink Bug Card in Inscryption and What Are Bones – How to Get Them in Inscryption on Guides.

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