All gemstones from the New World

In New World, you will have to develop some skills to get your hands on some gems. Gathering, mining, and stone cutting skills are all crucial in obtaining gems. The most important reason for getting gems is the way they affect your weapons and armor when set. There are different levels of gemstones that you can cut that require a higher level of cut. You’ll also need motes where harvesting and mining skills come into play. You can find them below along with all of the gems and the effects they bring to gem-set equipment. Imperfect Cut Gemstones – Common (0) Cut Gemstone – Uncommon (50) Cut Shiny Gemstones – Rare (100) Cut Pristine Gemstones – Epic (150) Related: How to Get Gems in the New World? Gem Armor Effect Amber Weapon Effect Nature Protection – Absorption of Nature Damage Arboreal – Percentage of Weapon Damage Converted to Nature Amethyst Abyssal Ward – Abyssal Void Damage Absorption – Percentage of Weapon Damage Converted to Void Blue Green Ice Guard – Frozen Ice Damage Absorption – Percent Weapon Damage Converted to Carnelian Ice Soothing – Generates Less Taunting Threat – Generates More Wilderness Ward Diamond Threat – Increased Damage Absorption Physical and slightly increased Rally elements – Increased damage at full emerald health Push protection – Increased opportunistic push damage absorption – Increased damage against opponents below 30% of their health Jasper Strike Ward – Increased l ‘Retaliation Strike damage absorption – Increased damage after receiving three Malachite hits Spectral Protection – Increased absorption Elemental damage and slightly increased Cruel – Increased damage against opponents with crowd control effect active on them Moonstone Slash Ward – Increased damage absorption Slash Exaltation – Increased damage when under 30% Onyx Health Physical Protection – Increased physical damage absorption Brash – Increased damage against targets at full health Opal Elemental Protection – Increased absorption of elemental damage Gambit – Increased damage when your stamina is not full Ruby Fire Ward – Increased Ignited Fire Damage Absorption – Percentage of Weapon Damage Converted to Fire Sapphire Arcane Ward – Increased Arcane Damage Absorption Enhanced – Percentage of Weapon Damage Converted to Arcane . Topaz Lightning Ward – Electrified lightning damage absorption increased – Percentage of weapon damage converted to lightning. For more information on New World, see Where to find bison in New World? – Best bison locations and how to search for chests in the new world?

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