All Deathloop endings

Following our Deathloop walkthrough, you will reach the final destination where you will meet Julianne. And here there are three options for the development of events:

Ending 1

When Julianne offers to take the gun and starts counting to three, shoot her. Then sit down in a chair. You will kill Julianne while retaining her self-loathing and restart the song.

Ending 2

After shooting Julianne, jump down from the cliff to break the loop, killing the last idolog (Colt). Julianne will meet you on the shore with a pistol, but she will not kill Colt. And you will see the end credits.

Ending 3

This is the best ending in which Colt and Julianne, dad and daughter, find reconciliation. So instead of shooting Julianne, don’t do anything. Both characters will lower their pistols. The noose will not be broken, but Julianne and Colt will reconcile, and together they will have fun on the island, killing mad scientists and ideologists.