All codes from doors and safes in Deathloop

The first thing I want to draw your attention to is the codes VARIOUS for every gamer, which means that instead of naming them, I will list the locations where you can find these very passwords. However, as soon as you find out the code, it will forever remain in Colt’s memory, and you will only have to interact with the lock and hold down the auto-complete key. If the code is known, it will be shown on the lock interaction screen.

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How to find codes from parcel terminals, delivery stations

It is the same for everyone and is located inside Phia’s bunker on Fristad Rock. Wait for the moment when you can get there.


There will be a lock inside the bunker. You will learn the code by plot in the second loop.


To find out the code for the door to the Wenjie laboratory, you will go to Charles Bay, study the book inside Yerva’s safe.

Inside the power plant, where four levers are located, there is a door. You will find the code at the Updaam location inside the EON bunker, on a note at the second door. This will happen on the mission “Radio Silence”.

Optional locks and codes

  • A station in the back room of Wenji’s laboratory. We need to examine the board downstairs in Wenji’s lab. The code changes every cycle!
  • Complex, noon, door to the armory inside the ammunition depot. Look on the floor under the ammunition depot, in a room that requires a battery to access (there are several such batteries in the warehouse).
  • The complex, the delivery booth immediately after the tunnel (except when you appear here during the day, because you find yourself on the opposite side). Look inside the bunker on Fristad Rock where Phia is. There is a board with a four-digit code in the room with the broken delivery booth.

Note… You can easily find all the codes for the plot, since each time there will be a marker indicating where to go next. So I will focus on optional codes later on.


  • The door is inside the Smoker Building opposite Colt’s apartments. You need to read the “Pact of Smoke” in the same room as the castle.
  • Afternoon or evening, Charles Bay. Read Ivan’s Smoke Pact. To unlock the apartment, first click on the button in the Smoker Building. In the morning to change from green to red.
  • Charles Bay, afternoon or evening. Read Anatoly’s Smoke Pact. Click on the button in the Smoker Building to change the green light to the blue wire.
  • Gate outside the archive. The note states that the gate opens when using the phone in the area. ??????
  • Safe tunnel under the Dorsey estate, which can be accessed through the cliff with the Wolf’s Lair. ???
  • Delivery station on the balcony next to the place where the stage is being built or has already been built (depending on the time of day). Look for the code on Fristad Rock at noon, inside the bunker where Phia is. There is a board with a four-digit code inside the room with the broken parcel machine.

Charles Bay

  • In the afternoon, the door is on the lower level of hangar 1. Look for it on the upper floor of hangar 2, the note is on the box on the bridge opposite the entrance.
  • Morning, safe in the sailors’ shed in the far left corner. Search in the afternoon at Rock Fristad. Here you will see the same safe (which is now open and on the ice) in the far left corner of the map, behind the bunker.
  • Evening, inside Naked Mind, on the central walkway. Look for the evening in the same building. You will have 3 minutes to enter the code. The code is split into parts and hidden in pictures. There are more than four potential painting locations.
  • The delivery station, which is located up the road from the beginning of the tunnel. Search at noon at Fristad Rock, inside Phia’s Bunker. There will be a board with a code.

Rock Fristad

  • The generator in the rock club, in the far left room. Search the Updaam at noon. There’s a note on the board in Charlie’s section. To get into the room, you will need the class pass, which can be obtained in front of the club entrance, on the device to the right of the door.
  • Delivery booth. The code is in Phia’s bunker.

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