All changes to Summoner in Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker’s Media Tour has just wrapped up, revealing a host of new details about the upcoming expansion. We already knew from the Job Action trailer that Summoner was undergoing a major overhaul, but now we have details. So look at all of the changes to Summoner in Endwalker below: More DOT! Screenshot by Guides Damage over time has been a major component of Summoner for most of its existence. In Endwalker, the DOTs are gone and the Summoner now summons! It might sound like a damage decrease for the Summoner, but almost all damage abilities have had their Potency (damage potential) increased to compensate. Related: What Are The Pre-Order Bonuses For Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker? New Summons Image via Square Enix The Egis of Garuda-Egi, Titan-Egi, and Ifrit-Egi were one of the main components of Summoner pre-Endwalker. Now the arcanist pet, Carbuncle, is making a comeback. This is a popular change as many people turned the back of their Egi into red, blue and yellow carbuncles whenever they could! Instead of Egis, you now have two types of summons: Demi Summons and Elemental Summons. Demi Summons, which are Bahamut and Phoenix, were previously in the game. Demi Summons replaces Ruin III, Tri Disaster, and Enkindle on your bar. The new elemental summons are represented by the primals Ifrit, Titan and Garuda. The summoning of an elemental invocation replaces the spells on your bar with new spells linked to the elemental effect of this primitive (Earth for Titan, Air for Garuda and Fire for Ifrit). Additionally, three spells, Gemshine (a single nuclear target), Precious Brilliance (AoE), and Astral Flow are activated for elemental summons. General Changes Screenshot by Guides Ruin III has been increased in power and casting speed, and Tri-Disaster has also increased in damage. Energy Siphon and Energy Drain now grant you Ruin IV, an Area Ruin spell with instant effect. Usually at lower levels you will receive weaker versions of new spells, so the summoner does not change completely at level 80. The ability to summon elemental summons unlocks at about the same point as the old Egi. . So Ifrit at level 30, Titan at level 35 and Garuda at level 45. And no more need to make your Egi look like a carbuncle, because the cute critter is here to stay! Addle received a buff, making it a more useful mitigation tool. Addle’s effects will now reduce magic and physical damage dealt, with increased magic damage reduction power. And Physick and Resurrection remain, even though Physick is functionally useless at higher levels. Overall, Summoner has gone from a DOT mage with a few high mobility cycles to a smoother combo mage. The AI ​​of pets and summons has also been boosted, so you no longer need to mic your Bahamut or Phoenix! If you’re a primary summoner, you probably like cute little things. In that case, you should look at How to Unlock Minion Dulia-Chai in Final Fantasy XIV on Guides.

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