All achievements in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Screenshot by our guides Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a resource management companion RPG to Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. It tells the story of a budding adventurer named CJ, and he plans to make it big in the mining town of New Nevaeh. There’s a lot to do in the game, from developing the town to developing your skills, and much of your effort will be rewarded with an achievement. Achievements are also available on the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

All scenario achievements

Lots more to do: Complete your first main storyline quest This Treasure I Found: Clear all main storyline quests The Road to Recovery: Complete your first side quest Saving One Hundred Residents: Clear all resident quests A Girl About the Town: Complete the Silver Stamp Map The Go-To Girl: Complete the Gold Stamp Map Pride of the Town: Complete the Platinum Stamp Map A Local Hero: Complete the Black Stamp Map

All the achievements of the party

Partners? : Team up with Garoo …and your taxes: Team up with Isha Scavenger’s Honor: Bring CJ to level 30 One Mean Merc: Bring Garoo to level 30 Adept, for an acting mayor: Bring Isha to level 30 Nobody Better: Bring any character to level 50 Full Force – CJ: Fully upgrade CJ’s weapon and armor Full Force – Garoo: Fully upgrade Garoo’s weapon and armor Full Force – Isha: Fully upgrade weapon and Isha’s Armor Weapon Master: Raise all party members’ weapons to their maximum. Armor Master level: Bring the armor of all party members to their maximum. level

All Enemy Achievements

Hopeful Hunter: Defeat 100 enemies All Bark, No Bite: Defeat the Great Tree Demon Magic Mineral Golem: Defeat the Lodestone Golem in the Quarry Lords of the Snowpeak: Defeat the Blizzard Brothers on the Snowpeak The Lava Mantor Wyrm: Defeat the Lava Mantor Wyrm Champion of the Great Forest: Defeat the boss of the Great Forest on hard difficulty Champion of the Quarry: Defeat the boss of the quarry on hard difficulty Champion of the Snowpeak: Defeat the boss of the Snowpeak on hard difficulty Champion of the Ruins of Lava: Defeat the Lava Ruins Boss on Hard Difficulty Rising Champion: Defeat the Final Boss on Hard Difficulty Related: 6 Best School RPG Video Games

All Resource Achievements

Amateur Adventurer: Obtain a total of 100 resources No treasure left behind: Obtain resources of all types Natural Born Monster-Killer: Defeat all types of enemies On Outlander Lane: Use city facilities 10 times the new Nevaeh: use all the facilities in the city Foodie: Eat max. Level kitchen Accessorizer: Create a max. Sommelier level accessory: Obtain max. level a Rune Scholar consumable: Create a max. level rune Silver, silver, silver: get 100,000 baqua First Fishing: Catch a fish for the first time First Hunt: Trap a beast for the first time Fishing Master: Catch a max. Meat Master grade fish: get max. quality meat

All Exploration Achievements

Elementum Primo: Destroy an Element Pillar for the first time Elemental Mastery: Destroy all types of Elemental Pillars The Great Forest…on foot! : explore all areas of the great forest The quarry… on foot! : explore all areas of the Le Snowpeak quarry… on foot! : Explore all areas of Snowpeak The Lava Ruins…on foot! : Explore all areas of The Runebarrows lava ruins… On foot! : Explore all areas of the Runebarrows For more help with Eiyuden Chronicle, be sure to check back here on our guides.

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