Aliens Review: Fireteam Elite – Three Against All

The game adaptation of the universe with one of the most iconic and terrifying monsters in cinema in recent years has been a real challenge for developers. From a childish delight (and genuine horror) Isolation to a disappointing despondency Colonial Marines – we have seen a lot. And we can only guess if the authors from Cold iron studios in this case with their fresh co-op fighter, or did the general trend of the universe still prevail? Let’s try to figure it out. Are you reading the review Aliens: Fireteam Elite

The game takes place 23 years after the original trilogy. We are greeted by the clattering boots of a rookie Marine sent to investigate a mysterious distress signal from LV-895. While it’s not the most creative way to set a starting point for a journey, it’s still a familiar enough starting point to pay homage to the original material while quickly immersing us in the thick of things.

Aliens Review: Fireteam Elite – Three Against All

Picture with sound.

After we finish creating our character, we are introduced to the hub, which functions as a gathering place for the team. From here we launch missions, study fresh story information from other members of the battered ship crew, and buy new equipment. However, before you go on your first assignment, you need to choose a class.

The set provides us with four individual classes, and the fifth, which is unlockable, opens after completing all four campaigns. The Shooter, Demoman, Technician, and Medic are available right from the start, and each has special skills, active team abilities, unique weapons, and unlockable perks. I found the Medic’s Healing Unit most helpful to help heal teammates’ wounds in the heat of a firefight, while the Demoman’s powerful Smart Rifle comes in handy for clearing out annoying xenomorphs.

There is plenty of room for customization in the game.

In other places, when the team is in a stalemate, the technician’s rechargeable turret can repeatedly help out, as well as the “Acceleration” ability of the shooter, which increases the rate of fire and the reload rate of weapons for all members of the squad. Overall, each class brings with it something new to the gameplay, and almost certainly anyone will find one or two operatives comfortable for them.
If you are familiar with World war z or Left 4 dead, you will immediately feel at home, understanding how the game functions: four campaigns with three levels each. On average, almost all missions take 45 minutes. But like the aforementioned projects, Fireteam Elite is designed for replayability. Due to unlockable difficulties, a horde mode and a fairly deep progression system. In addition, due to the network orientation of the new Aliens, the multiplayer and single components are closely intertwined, which means that you have to play in a team of three people, regardless of whether we choose online co-op or not.

And just like that, the developers have justified not the most inventive intellect of computer dummies.

In the second case, the squad will be replenished with bots controlled by artificial intelligence. They do not hang around us with a dead weight and are quite a viable option for passing at difficulty levels to high, constantly providing fire support, resuscitating us when necessary, and sometimes even throwing grenades when things get really serious. However, nothing can replace real players, because the AI ​​not only does not use its special abilities, depending on the class, but also never uses consumable support items, which is critical in battle. In other words, bots are provided here as a last resort.

So what does the gameplay look like since landing on LV-895 territory? Well, the action is quite fast and smooth in control, which is very important for a third-person shooter. Enemies attack quickly and in dense waves; the movements of the xenomorphs themselves are as aggressive and intimidating as possible. Even though they do not pose a threat separately, a huge number of them are capable of crushing an unorganized team in a matter of seconds, especially at higher difficulty levels, starting from the “heat” (third in a row).

Nothing is more stressful and chaotic on the battlefield than close contact with a xenomorph in QTE.

In an instant, we destroy the horde of aliens, and the next moment, a huge alien creature comes around the corner and uses our comrades as toothpicks. On the one hand, it’s nice to see a more deadly and disgusting version of the next xenomorph appear – in contrast to the cannon fodder that the game regularly throws against us, – on the other hand, I want less sharp jumps in difficulty and mini-bosses, not so thick sponges for absorption of ammunition.

By the way about the varieties of strangers. In Aliens: Fireteam Elite, there are many types of them, and each behaves a little yes in its own way, and boasts some kind of their own ability or unique attack. Some vomit acid, others explode, others are violent; secretive, huge and clumsy, and so on.

Rely on AI, but don’t do it yourself!

An indescribable sight to watch such a diverse roster of monsters, and a special bow to Cold Iron Studios for allowing themselves the creative freedom when it came to the “menagerie”. And as a cameo, we even meet the androids Joe from Alien: Isolation.

But what should motivate you to return to what you have passed over and over again? The answer is a well-developed pumping and development system that allows you to customize equipment and weapons, perks and abilities for your preferred play style. We get experience not only for a specific character and individual weapon, but also for each assigned class. There is even a unique grid that allows you to add new classes and modifiers to equipment, as well as shuffle items in the manner of inventory from Resident evil 4 or Village

Why not?

In addition, there are challenge cards – a rather interesting additional mechanic that builds on the difficulty modifier. They can be unlocked as you progress through the game, and each of them rewards with particularly valuable loot, offering the team a unique goal, like completing a level without knocking down any of the squad or successfully passing with increased recoil.

From a visual and auditory point of view, the game looks normal. The main thing is stable. During the time spent, your humble servant did not encounter any problems with the frame rate, which is very important for a project with an emphasis on timely response. The orchestral soundtrack and atmospheric, typical for the universe of “Aliens” notes constantly keep in suspense and focus on the threat waiting around the corner, and the chilling squeals of alien creatures escalate the situation, anticipating the approach of some particularly powerful enemy.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg called Fanservice.

If you can find fault with anything, it is the cyclical and noticeable pattern of what is happening. In fact, we all campaigns move from point A to point B and beat off waves of xenomorphs on the latter. Yes, this has already become a kind of dogma in the design of games of this genre, take at least those above-mentioned L4D and WWZ. However, we are now talking about the universe, where the extermination of eerie creatures has always been at the forefront. Who might not like this?

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