Age of Darkness: Final Stand early game tips

Age of Darkness: Final Stand has a steep learning curve, especially early in the game when you are learning and have fewer resources. Death can come for you quickly, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed and give up. Below are some tips that will help you get through your first night and the ones that will follow. Related: Should I Buy Age of Darkness: Final Stand – Age of Darkness: Final Stand Review Image via Playside


game and take a break as Age of Darkness: Final Stand can get overwhelming quickly. This allows you to scan the map, queue up buildings, troops, and upgrades. There is no punishment for using this system to collect your thoughts and plan, so use it often.


The day is not just for construction. You should actively send your army and explore. This could lead to encountering groups of enemies to gain experience, find much-needed resources, and great places to defend yourself. During the day Nightmares move slowly so a few archers and can take out more enemies if you kite them.

Manage resources

This is an area that requires the most management. You have to watch your production and production of gold, timber, stone, iron, population and food. Each of these resources is vital for survival, especially early in the game when you have a cap on what you can store. Upgrade your dungeon or build storage buildings to increase this cap and constantly increase your production.

Build your army

It can be easy to kill nightmares during the day with small groups of soldiers and your champion, but the night will come and you will find that you are unprepared. Having more soldiers means you can kill more nightmares, but remember you will always be outnumbered. Your soldiers can die incredibly fast and the last thing you want is for uncontrolled nightmares to take over your city.

Prepare for the nights of the dead

You will inevitably die from one of them, whether it’s your first, your second, or all along the line. Death nights see massive swarms of hundreds and thousands of nightmares trying to eat your sweet human flesh. It’s easy to think the game is easy until your first Night of Death, so make sure you have the right defenses and troops to fend off those swarms. It will grant you a blessing that will be crucial for your survival.

Upgrade your champion

Your champion is your best weapon against nightmares and the dark. They have three abilities: one passive and two active. These unlock as your champion gains experience and levels. These abilities can mean the difference between life or death when facing massive swarms of enemies. Learn the ins and outs of these abilities as you will need to use them at key times if you want to survive. Champions are tied with a whole squad of troops, so they should be your spearhead against the dark.

Efficient use of space

One of your best weapons is the layout of the terrain and the building. You should capitalize on choke points and build layered defenses. Having multiple layers means swarms have to go through multiple defenses and each allows you to kill many nightmares. Choke points reduce the effectiveness of their number. As you build your town plan, leave lanes between your buildings not only so you can move quickly, but also to slow the swarms from reaching your fort. If it falls, you will lose. For more information on Age of Darkness: Final Stand, see What are the Horrified and Emboldened Effects in Age of Darkness: Final Stand? and What difficulty should I play in Age of Darkness: Final Stand? on Guides.

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