14 Clash Royale arena deck, the best decks to win –

Here are the strongest and most effective decks for Clash Royale Arena 1. We offer you a list with advice! When you unlock Arena 14, you will only be one more arena away from reaching the end! In the Mount of Serenity, you will have new cards such as the Fireworks which is very popular at the moment, the Executioner as well as the Woodcutter. In the decks that we are going to present to you, we will find the Royal Giant with the Mega Knight and the second deck will be an Arc X deck. They both work with different mechanics but remain very effective

What are the best arena decks 14 Clash Royale 2022?

Deck 1: Royal Giant Mega Knight

This deck is very easy to use because it does not work with complicated mechanics. To start, place your Princess behind the king’s tower in case the opponent goes first. Then, for your push, place your Prince in the background of the map and once he crosses the bridge, send your Goblin Barrel. It’s a combo that also works perfectly with the Royal Giant. The rest of your cards will be useful for defending your towers. The Mega Knight is there to defend you from tanks but it is also effective for a counter-attack. The Skeleton Army is also a very good defense with the Blowgun Goblin.

Deck 2: Bow X

This deck uses a different mechanic because your attack will be composed solely of your Arc X. To attack, place your Arc X on one side of the map so that it hits the tower opposite and then immediately after , place your Telsa to defend it. The goal will be to defend your Arc X so that it inflicts maximum damage. The Skeletons are present in the deck to rotate and cycle it in order to have as much Arc X as possible so that it puts the damage in front.