10 Minutes To Dawn  Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Image via 10 Minutes Till Dawn Steam 10 Minutes Till Dawn is a roguelike survival game where the goal is to create super-powered builds to destroy your enemies in 10 minutes. When you start out, it’s important to remember that the point of the game isn’t really to win. The object of the game is to find all the different ways to defeat enemies using different characters, different weapons, and different perks. It’s quite easy to get overwhelmed when you start this fast-paced adventure. So we decided to create a guide full of tips and tricks for beginners. Characters There are four characters you can choose from at the start: Shana Shana can reroll and starts with 3 HP. She can play any weapon with any build except the fire cannon. diamond She has attributes similar to Shana. Scarlett Every three shorts, she can launch a wave of fire that burns enemies and deals 3 damage per second. She can play any weapon with any build except the fire cannon. She has 2 HP and is harder to play. Hina She can summon a shadow clone that allows her to deal the same type of damage as bullet damage. Weapons You can choose from four different weapons. They’re all the same minus the fire cannon, so it depends on your preferred build. Crossbow The Shotty The Revolver The Fire Cannon Related: Best Roblox Survival Games Perks The real meat and real potatoes are in the kind of perks you have. It doesn’t really matter what weapon you use when it comes to what perks you have attached to it. Damage Reload Attack Speed ​​Projectiles Summon CV Shield Fire Ice Lightning Movement Speed ​​You can mix and match the above perks as you see fit, but some combinations work best: Projectiles, Damage, and Ice blast monsters that can explode into bullets, killing other monsters around them. Movement Speed, Shield, and Lightning This combination makes you super-fast, and the Lightning literally blows up crowds. Fire and Attack Speed ​​Fire is one of the coolest perks to play, so this combo allows for quick kills. Reload, Attack Speed, Projectiles, and Ice This combination may take some practice, but if handled correctly, you can literally sit in one spot while your enemies fall. For more guides, look at How to Get Tank Airtime in Fortnite and more at our guides.

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