10 Best Picrew Links in 2022

Screenshot by our guides Whether it’s your profile picture for Discord, Steam, or any other online gaming platform, often you don’t want to use a real photo of yourself. For this reason, cartoon avatars can be extremely useful in portraying your image without revealing your real identity. Picrew is a website where users can create and submit their own avatar creators for other players to use as profile pictures or general avatars to share with others. Here are our picks for the best Picrews to try.

Character Designer by Hunbloom/Queen Bee

Screenshot by our guides We selected this Picrew because of its impressive level of representation. Players who have vitiligo, heterochromia, or wear a hijab won’t feel left out by this character builder from Hunbloom. There are also 15 different skin tones to choose from, several of which are fantasy related. Speaking of fantasy, this Picrew also features fantasy character elements like elf ears. Players can also choose to portray their character as more masculine or feminine through clothing and hair choices.

Poicon Maker by Poika

Screenshot by our guides This choice is much more feminine in character presentation (while still having some masculine options), but we still chose this one for several reasons. One of the reasons is the huge popularity of this Picrew, as it is one of the most frequently used avatar makers on the site. Second, we found Poicon Maker to be inclusive of many different types of people. Finally, it offers a lot in the area of ​​customization, such as the wide range of clothing options that have additional color customization. Poicon also gives players options for fantastic avatars and allows repositioning of assets.

Happy Gorigori by Madonna Okamoto

Screenshot by our guides The Cheerful Gorigori Picrew has a few flaws like a lack of diverse skin color swatches, but it makes up for it with the unique opportunity it provides. The vast majority of Picrews will only give players the option to create an avatar in each frame. This avatar creator stands out by making a Picrew for two friends to represent themselves. The anime art style lends itself to a cute and innocent vibe that works great for platonic friends who might want to share the same profile picture. It also offers deep customization with facial features and accessories.

Witchcrew by Malachitinous

Screenshot by our guides For those looking for something that reflects their interest in the occult, look no further than Witchcrew, whose name is rather self-explanatory. In addition to the many witch accessories and adornments you can add to your avatar, this picrew also allows for different body shapes, a variety of skin colors, and many other miscellaneous options. Players can also choose between dozens of different background options. Related: The best free online games for PC

500 Style Standing Image Maker by Iwose

Screenshot by our guides The 500-Style Standing Picture Maker Picrew is ideal for gamers looking for a classic anime art style with clean and straightforward customization choices. There’s a good handful of skin tones to choose from, as well as distinct customization assets like facial scars. There are also clothing choices that can represent male or female body types. This avatar maker is great for creating a simple game avatar or any other purpose you like.

500 style beverage machine by Iwose

Screenshot by our guides Another Picrew created by famed creator Iwose, 500-Style Drink Maker, gives players something very different to create. Prepare the drink of your dreams, whether it’s a refreshing fruity water or a sweet milkshake. There are many different customization options in this Picrew drink maker, with many different colors and intricate details like darker colors for syrups and layered drinks.

The Lady of Hera by Hera

Screenshot by our guides Those not so keen on fantasy or modern character creation options should consider trying Lady of Hera Picrew. Choose between several different historical eras ranging from ancient Greece to the Victorian era. You can mix and match historical clothing and accessories. While there’s not a whole lot of leeway for genre expression with this Picrew, it does offer a pretty good range of diverse options for representation. Related: How to Get the Barbie Girl Ribbon in BitLife

Plastic Girl by Sparemoon

Screenshot by our guides Sometimes you just need a heavy dose of nostalgia, and luckily you can get it with the Plastic Girl Picrew. Create an avatar just like you with a retro Barbie doll style. While the old style of Barbie dolls may not have provided as many options in the area of ​​inclusivity, you won’t have that problem with this Picrew. Choose from 90s fashion, royal outfits, and even an astronaut costume to put yourself in the image of the classic doll franchise.

Diagonal Back Maker by White Seventy-One

Screenshot by our guides The Diagonal Back Maker Picrew could definitely use some work in the diversity department, but it has its upsides. Mainly, this Picrew is great for people who want a more anonymous avatar online. This can be especially useful in play spaces where you may interact heavily with strangers. Having an avatar that only shows your back can be very helpful in communicating a deeper desire for intimacy or introversion online. You can also describe the avatar as more feminine or masculine, whatever your preference.

Two cats by Pachelbel

Screenshot by our guides Maybe you don’t want to be portrayed as a human in your photo at all. This is where the Two Cats Picrew can come in handy. This Picrew is especially great for those who have two cats at home that they prefer to use as their profile picture or general avatar. It also has a surprisingly high degree of customization, from Mink Point breeds to Karpati breeds and coat colors. Want to learn more about character customization in games? If so, look at Which Character Profile Should You Choose in Vampire The Masquerade: Swansong on our guides.

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